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Haiku L Series Fan
Haiku L Series Fan
Haiku L Series Fan
Haiku L Series Fan
Haiku L Series Fan
Haiku L Series Fan
Haiku L Series Fan
Haiku L Series Fan
Haiku L Series Fan
Haiku L Series Fan
Haiku L Series Fan
Haiku L Series Fan

Haiku L Series Fan

$600.00 Free 2-day Shipping!

The super efficient Haiku Fan can lower your electricity bills and look great doing it. Available in white or black.

The Haiku L Series ceiling fan offers sleek modern design, and an integrated LED light module. This fan also features a silent motor and slim profile. 

The advanced motor and blade engineering allow this fan to move way more air than traditional fans keeping you more comfortable in your home.

The addition of an optional Haiku Wall Control enables SenseME™ Technology in L Series fans, allowing them to respond automatically to environmental changes, effortlessly conserving energy and keeping you comfortable throughout the year. All L Series fans include a remote control. Choose from white or black.

The L Series fan pairs with both the Nest Thermostat and the Ecobee to leverage the cooling and heating power of the Haiku Fan to limit the use of your HVAC system.


  • 52” diameter
  • Rated for indoor spaces up to 15x15’
  • Suitable for flat or sloped ceiling 8’ and taller
  • Universal mount includes 2 extensions
  • Factory-balanced & sound tested to ensure each L Series ceiling fan will never wobble, rattle or click
  • 10 settings – seven speeds, Sleep Mode, Whoosh Mode and timer
  • ENERGY STAR certified (exceeds efficiency requirements by 450%)
  • Integrated LED featuring 16 distinct brightness settings
  • LED light emits a warm white color (2700 kelvin) and is brighter than a 60-Watt bulb (988 Lumens)
  • Control with the included IR remote, the free Haiku Home mobile app (iOS and Android), or with voice control through Amazon Echo
  • Easy installation with step-by-step instructions included
  • Lifetime motor warranty; 1 year all other parts
  • SenseMe technology available through the Haiku Home Wall Control (sold separately)

In the Box:

  • Installation Guide
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Control Box
  • Wiring Cover
  • LED Diffuser Ring
  • Mounting Ball
  • M5 Screws with Tooth Washer (6)
  • Painted M3.5 Screws (2)
  • M4 Socket Head Cap Screws (4)
  • M8 Bolt (1)
  • M8 Washer (1)
  • M8 Nylock Nut (1)
  • Wedge (1)
  • 4 mm Self-TappingScrew (1)
  • Steel Pin (1)
  • Lower Cover Trim (1)
  • Lower Cover Ring (1)
  • Extension Tube (2)
  • Motor Unit (1)
  • Airfoils (3)
  • Remote Control
  • 3V CR Coin Battery (1)
  • Wiring Harness (1)
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • WiFi module
  • LED Lens cover (1)

Integrates with

It saves me money, makes me feel smart and they are still so dang cool to look at!

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Aaron M.

VP of Creative & Design

I used to think these were just good looking fans and to be honest I bought it just for that, its looks. Then I bought a Nest Thermostat a few months later and read that it can speak to the Haiku Home fans and it's kind of like the future. I come home and my Nest senses me and triggers my fans to turn on automatically to cool my house without turning on my A/C!

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